Gentle yoga

The soft Yoga sessions and the initiation sessions are Hatha raja yoga sessions that contemplate the physical-energetic (hatha yoga), mental (raja yoga) and spiritual aspects, they go through a basic asana level and a link rhythm between the postures slower and gentler than Hatha raja yoga sessions.

How are the sessions:
They begin with a few moments of insight that are often introduced with the chanting of mantras, observing the whole breath, and pranayama techniques that modify it.
After a few minutes of warming up the joints, the asana practice begins, which begins with variations of the sun salutation adapted to the possibilities of the people who practice it, followed by a sequence of linked postures to offer the body a wide range of harmonious movement that Allow yourself to carry your breath everywhere. The stoppages, of variable duration -3 or 5 breaths during the standing postures, between 5 or 10 in the ground postures-, allow to discover the stillness in each posture and to make the experience of presence and silence that the practice offers.

Sessions can vary in intensity and dynamism. Variations of the postures are always offered. They end with complete relaxation in savasana and a few moments of meditation.

Who are they targeting:
These sessions are aimed at those who want to enjoy a Hatha raja yoga session at a calm pace and going through the basic postures that make up a complete practice.
They are very suitable for people who start or for those who have experience but simply prefer a softer practice. We always guide them to adjust as much as necessary in case there is some kind of reduced mobility.
They can be the usual practice or be indicated in special times such as pregnancy or during recovery from an illness, or they can act as a bridge to prepare you for other more intense sessions in the future.