Ioga aeri

Aerial yoga is a practice modality close to acrobatics and aerial dance that connects with the foundation of yoga through the awareness of breathing and the experience of the present moment. In Yogaia it is practiced just as Elena Mayoral received it, trained at the DANA@AERIAL YOGA INSTITUTE in Hamburg.

With the help of an aerial hammock, traditional and new yoga postures are practiced with a feeling of weightlessness.

Aerial yoga works with gravity in a very playful way, it focuses on allowing the hammock to fully or partially support the body weight, building our abilities to trust and let go, increasing the strength, flexibility and general mobility of our body.

Some postures that are especially difficult on the ground are easier to perform with the help of the hammock and this offers a deeper understanding that can be transferred to the entire practice.

Aerial yoga sessions include all aspects of yoga, you can also find mantra, pranayama and meditation.

The hammock offers confidence and tranquility, invites us to play with the force of gravity to feel weightless and to abandon our weight to let ourselves be embraced in the final savasana.

Limited group of 5 people, prior reservation is essential.

Session preparation:

The participants will have to arrive on time to be able to place their hammock on the support with the teacher’s instructions and adjust it to the appropriate size for their height.
It is not allowed to wear rings or buckles or other elements that can tear the fabric of the hammock.
It is recommended to wear close-fitting clothing that covers the legs, waist and armpits to minimize sweat in the hammock and possible skin irritation from friction with the fabric.
It is recommended to carry a pack of tissues in case of a runny nose in inverted poses.
Avoid makeup or other pigments that can stain the hammocks.


Many inversion postures are practiced so it is not recommended if you have glaucoma, hypertension or are pregnant. Nor if you are taking anticoagulants, if you have head or mouth infections, if you have recently had operations, if you have heart or circulatory problems, if you have suffered trauma to the spine or to any internal organ. There are women who prefer not to make investments during menstruation.


It is possible that after practicing the first inversions you feel dizzy, it is natural, surrender to the sensation in the position of an embryo and you will soon return to normality.

During the practice of aerial yoga it is essential to follow the instructions of the session at all times.